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Since 1923
Raj 1
PN: RJ1                      
The pole is manufactured from 4.5” OD extruded aluminum, with a one-piece, spun aluminum base cover. The reflector is 19.62” diameter spun aluminum, with a clear or prismatic glass globe diffuser.
Operates with integral Cree™ 32W LED, compact fluorescent (57W max.), metal halide (175W max.), and incandescent (150W max.) sources.

Incandescent systems are compatible with a 120V supply voltage only.
Integral LED systems are available with 120-277V supply only. Only CF and MH systems are available with a 347V supply.
Raj 1 is designed to operate with an E-17 metal halide lamp. Incandescent and metal halide systems use a medium base lamp socket (E26). A lamp socket is installed with CF systems. LED modules are wired directly to the integral driver, and do not require a lamp socket.
LED sources are supplied, not lamps.
The prismatic, glass globe increases the area of coverage uniformity, and provides protection for the light source. The size of globe depends on the lamp installed.
Lens: The flat, clear glass lens protects the light source from dirt, and also serves as a diffuser, for a slightly increased area of coverage.

Note: Choose either the globe or the lens, not both.

Ballast / LED Driver
Ballasts are integral and electronic. They are efficient with a high power factor greater than 90%, and quiet with an "A" sound rating.
The LED source is controlled by an advanced, integral electronic driver that delivers consistent power.
Surge Suppressor
All 120V, 277V, and universal voltage LED luminaires are equipped with an integral, 6kV surge suppressor.
Photocell: Switches the luminaire ON at dusk, and OFF at dawn .
Ground Fault Indicator: A GFI receptacle could be installed to prevent a short-circuit from occurring in the line.

Note: The ground fault indicator receptacle is available with a 120V supply only. The lock would be provided by others.

An integral, emergency back-up is available, maintaining a power supply to the luminaire in case of a power interruption. A cold pack is available for variable climates.

Note: The emergency back-up option is available to systems with 120-277V supply only. The test switch and indicator light would be remote.
Integral CF or LED: (min. operating temp. +5C/+40F)
Integral CF or LED with cold pack: (min. operating temp. -20C/-4F)

The pole is available in several TMS polyester powder-coated finishes.The reflector may be anodized aluminum, brushed solid copper, brushed 316L stainless steel, or the same finish as the pole. See the “Finishes and Diffusers” chart.

Note: Brushed copper is protected with a clear coat, yet patina will form over time with exposure to the elements.

Direct burial and surface-mount configurations are available. See the installation instructions for mounting details, and adhere to the local electrical code.

Note: A base cover is provided for surface mounting only.

Rated IP55 for use in dry to wet, indoor and outdoor locations. Complies with UL, QPS, CSA and CSA-US standards. The Consultants Europe (CE) listing is available upon request.