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Since 1923
Jazz Pendant
PN: JAZ                        
High grade spun aluminum, brushed copper, or brushed stainless steel reflector, with stainless steel mounting hardware. Reflectors are available in sizes of 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22” and 24” in diameter.
Operates with integrated Cree™ LED (19W max.), compact fluorescent (57W max.), metal halide (100W max., E-17), incandescent (100W max., A-19) light sources. Specify 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K CCT for LED systems. A dimmable, 17W LED lamp is also available (PAR 38, E26 screw type base, CCT 4000K).

Note: Incandescent systems, metal halide systems, and those using the 17W LED PAR 38 lamp, use a medium base socket (E26).

Ballast / LED Driver
Ballasts are integral and electronic. They are efficient with a high power factor greater than 90%, and quiet with an "A" sound rating.
The LED source is controlled by an advanced, integral, electronic driver that delivers consistent power.
Globe: optional, clear and prismatic, tempered glass globes are available, for greater diffusion and lamp protection.
Globe with Cast Guard: the combination is available for greater diffusion, and more robust lamp protection.

Note: G1, G3, G11 and G11P are used with 100IN, 32CF, and 15LED max.
Globes are not available with the 17W LED PAR 38 lamps.

Wire Guard: a steel, chrome-plated wire guard is available for lamp protection, which also serves as a vandal deterrent.
CF dimming options include the Mark 7 ® (0-10V), Mark 10 ® (line voltage), DALI (addressable), or Ecosystem ®.
The LED dimming option is the 0-10V,current-sinking type.

Note: Use a current-sinking dimming system (by others) for LED dimming.
Compatibility of this product is not guaranteed with all control systems.
Dimming is not available with 347V systems, or for outdoor CF applications.

For CF systems, an optional, integral, canopy-mounted, emergency back-up is available, in either the standard temperature or cold temperature type.
For LED systems, integral and remote mount emergency back-ups are available, in either the standard temperature or cold temperature type.

Note: The test switch and indicator light would be remote.
See specifications in “Emergency Backups for Pendant Lights”.

Available in brushed copper, 316L steel or aluminum, TMS polyester powder-coated, and custom RAL finishes; see the "Finishes and Diffusers" chart. The selected finish would be applied to all areas of the luminaire. Custom RAL finishes are available by special order.

Note: A clear coat is applied to copper, yet patina will form over time.

Mount to a ceiling, directly to a standard 4” electrical junction box. Jazz is available with either the drop cord mount (120” / 3.048 m max., IP20, indoor), or the stem mount (60” / 1.524 m max., 1/2” NPT std., IP23, indoor/outdoor).
Aircraft Cable: combined with the drop cord mount, provides stronger support.
Ceiling Slope Adapter: keeps the pendant hanging vertically when installed on a sloped ceiling (20° slope max.).

Note: The aircraft cable or ceiling slope adapter may be required to comply with the local seismic/earthquake code.
Follow the installation instructions, and adhere to your local electrical code.

Rated IP20, for indoor locations, with the drop cord/aircraft cable mount; or IP23, for indoor and outdoor locations, with the stem mount. QPS-C/US, or UL-C/US certified to UL1598 standards.
Consult the factory for the Consultants Europe (CE) certification.